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The bottles required for your process may need to have a couple of pipes for pumping in/out, siphone tubes and sensing elements like level and/or temperature, etc. As part of your mixing or fluid preparation and handling process it can be designed in any kind of tank. It will simplify your process, improve reliability, make service and observation better, eliminate potential leakage points and, if properly designed, improve Total Cost of Ownership.
As part of our engineering process we deliver DESIGN and SAMPLES free of charge for OEM customers.
Rapid prototyping: Having the experience and a broad range of components in stock, the average lead time of a sample is 2 WEEKS. Always thinking about TIME BOUND s-m-a-r-t rule. This is exceptional service on the market!

"...100% customized solution for you"

Create Your OWN Bottle Assembly
Fill in the application form and we do the best to support your application

BottleSys G
Glass mixing system designed for fluid preparation
BottleSys P
Plastic 1L bottle solution for fluid preparation
BottleSys W
Plastic 1L bottle solution for waste management
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