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Suitable for agressive liquids
Tailered in design
Operator friendly
Vaccum optional

If one step in your production process is the filling of your manufactured equipment with liquids you might be interested in our test, coupling and filling heads. These tools operate with our series of closing valves FillGate. FillGate seals the hydraulic circuit of your device and stays in the device to ensure long term tightness during operations in the field. ChargeGate stays within your production facility and allows simple, efficient and safe filling of your field devices.
Once your filling process is completed, the connected valve can be closed without disconnecting the charging head. The integrate closing function secures proper closing of the open valve during operation. Mechanical interlocking and low leakage rates protect the operator during the filling and closing process. Vaccum version is available if additional steps in your filling process require to apply vaccum in the closed circuits.
The design is adaptable and suitable individually to your requirements and your process. ChargeGate is as a standard product in two versions, S and M, available. TestGate is especially designed to perform pressure and leakage tests prior to the initial filling step.

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