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Compact size
Customization possible
Plug & Play
Easy implementation

Building of the cooling loop to secure device temperature seems an easy task, but "The Devil is in the details"... Question yourself if this is part of competence your organization likes to take: develop, test, implement, validate and maintain. Take a look into our compact device. In stainless steel made sheet you can have integrated circuit including tank, pump, flow switch, filter, fan and temperature sensor. Built in connector has all control inputs and outputs, so entire control can be set under your system, then later Plug&Play. To define spec parameters it is possible to use our development kit, where you can play around with pump and fan speed, control flow indication and temperature of the liquid. After that it is clear what adjustment should be done to cool your device to expected level. Of course it is possible to model the process and make analysis by software, but having system in hand it can be fast, efficient and low risk of missed parameters. Tailored solution dedicated to your device saves a lot of assembly time and limits number of vendors from minimum 10 to 1. Imagin, taking care of 18 potential leaking points, space arrangements, 30+ BOM components and supply chain arrangements - there is "The Devil"...
ChillKit is available in 2 standard versions, with external and internal refill possible. Tailoring of the system to preffered needs is possible even for small volumes. It is designed to save your time and simplify the process.

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